What Is Your Story?

How can we be a part of your story?  Whether this is your first home purchase or your 5th we want to be an integral part of your story.  Do you need a small home or a large home?  Do you need a single level home or do you want multiple levels?  Do you want to be in the forest / mountain top or do you want to be in a community of the suburbs?  Are you starting a family or now empty-nesters? Whatever your situation or whatever your story you want a real estate team that can identify with your current status of life and fit you into the right home or help find the right buyer for your current home.


We Are First Time Home Buyers

Congratulations! Buying your first home is exciting! It is the beginning of amazing memories that you will cherish for a life time. We want the process of getting that first set of keys to be a great memory and not just an ordeal the you survived. We have three pieces of advice that solve many of the problems that can arise before they even start:

  1. Get your loan first. This is the most important step. Having your loan first gives you several advantages, regardless of market conditions: One, it ensures that you do not try and purchase more home than you can afford, protecting your investment and ability to keep it. Two, it helps narrow your search so you are not wasting time looking at homes outside of your bracket. Three, it allows you to make a fast offer and close a deal smoothly and quickly, getting you home sooner
  2. Never waive a home inspection. After you have found your home there will be an opportunity to have it inspected. It is much cheaper to pay for the inspection (typically between $200-$400) than it is to buy a home with thousands of dollars needed in repairs.
  3. Never settle for just a house. While you may not be able to afford your dream home as a first house, you never want to settle for a house that is need of too much repair or in an area you are unsure of. We will work hard for you to find that home that is in your budget, is good quality, and in a safe place for this chapter of your life to begin.

So let’s get started, tell us what you are looking for and a little more about you.

If you do not already have a lender we have some fantastic trusted lenders we can refer. Feel free to contact us and we can send their information to you.


3 Keys For First Time Home Buyers:



“Get your loan first.”



“Never Waive a Home Inspection.”



“Never settle for just a house.”



We Are Starting A Family

We are so EXCITED for you! Nothing makes life more fulfilling than family! As parents to two wonderful daughters we understand the needs that arise for a growing family.

More rooms, more room to play in, bigger yard, a great neighborhood to ride bikes in, close to parks, and shopping. Or you may want a few acres to let them run around on, have animals to care for and plenty of dirt to drag inside!

What ever your vision is our City of Colorado Springs and surrounding areas have it! From the quiet park filled neighborhoods of Briargate, Stetson Hills, Meridian Ranch, Indigo Ranch to the trees of Black Forest or the plains of Peyton and Elbert, and even the hip and historic feel of downtown or Manitou we can find a place for your families story and memories to grow!

Colorado Springs is family friendly and we promise to make the process more fun than stepping on Legos in the middle of the night!

So let’s get started, tell us what you are looking for and a little more about you.





We Are Retiring, Finally!

You have raised your family, built amazing memories, become part of your community. You are looking forward to “you” time, enjoying a little slower pace of life together, or things may get crazier with the grand kids running around.

We can only imagine that this chapter in your story must be full of every type of emotion form excitement to sadness. Endings followed by new beginnings tend to be that way. We would love to be a part of this process with you.

If you are looking to downsize and find a place with lower maintenance, and ease of access so you can travel there are several 55 and over communities in Colorado Springs. You may be one of the now many people choosing to actually upsize for retirement because you plan on building memories with your tribe of grandchildren! We can always help you find room for the kiddos to run free and have a place spend holidays and weekends with the whole family.

So let’s get started, tell us what you are looking for and a little more about you.

We Are Transferring With The Military

First we would like to say THANK YOU! Not just for your service but for the sacrifices you and your family make for us. It is because of families like yours that our family can enjoy our freedom and abilities to build a business and enjoy life here in our Great Country and this City of Colorado Springs.

Whether you are buying a home here and relocating to our mountain city for your next assignment or selling and beginning new somewhere else we can help.

We can sell your place for the most cash it can give you in our market and provide flexible commissions as a thank you for your choice to serve our country. If you are moving here, we can help you find a home close to base, to decrease commute time, or a home further away to enjoy some peace and quiet. Whatever your needs, we simply want to serve you.

So let’s get started, tell us what you are looking for and a little more about you.

We Want To sell

Where ever you find your self in your story of life there may come a time you need to sell. We have some advice that can help you. In our experience there are three (ok four!) things that greatly increase how people react to your home and what they will offer to buy it for. They are three simple words: Light, Bright and Open.


LIGHT, especially in our beautiful Mountain City, our sun shines bright! let it in! Clean windows, make sure blinds and coverings are clean and functional. Replace blown out bulb, even better replace all bulbs with their new LED equivalents. More light feels bigger, happier and more inviting!

BRIGHT, plays well with light! Eliminate dark colors, go neutral and if you are following the new Grey fad, keep it soft (Fossil Grey by Glidden is a great color). This applies to furniture and decorations too, store or move heavy pieces from central areas. Clean all surfaces and make ’em shine!

OPEN, Colorado has amazing open spaces, your home should too! A good rule is declutter your home. Look at your decorations and pack away at least half of them (maybe more if you collect antiques like we do!). Try to cut your furnishings down too, move large pieces to the sides of rooms and open up the floor space as much as possible. The idea is to suggest uses for rooms but allow the new owner to visualize their life and stuff in the space!

Lastly, do the minor repairs before listing. Fix leaky toilets, faucets, change the air filter, repair cabinet doors, squeaky doors, and touch up paint. If you know of larger things you may want to tackle those before hand too so they don’t hold you up during the inspection process. Have your roof inspected and certified, most local roofers provide this service for free or a small fee for the certification paper work. Bryan Coray with CO Roofing is fantastic and local, www.coroofing.com. In short we like to advise our clients to leave their home the way they would like to find their next one, ready to enjoy and make memories in!

So let’s get started, tell us what more about you and your home.